Could the US exit from the Paris climate deal actually be a win for the environment?

Some climate advocates are saying the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement could actually be a good thing, and will drive international resolve to limit global warming.

Luke Kemp, climate and environmental policy lecturer at the Australian National University, called America’s participation in the deal “purely symbolic.”

“There could be other opportunities, other countries such as the EU and China may accelerate their actions,” Professor Kemp said.

“And more forceful measures, such as the idea of putting a carbon tax on US imports could come back on to the table.”

“They were never going to meet their target,” he said.

“We keep watering it down — the Paris agreement, the Kyoto protocol — all to allow the US to get on board,” Professor Kemp said.

While the withdrawral of the US from the Paris Climate Agreement may definitely leave some space to create more effective decisions, it is important to note that the US is also one of the major economic powerhouses and therefore a major environmental polluter and Green-house Gas emitter. As such, even if all countries in the Paris Agreement manage to reach a tougher stance, without the US’s compliance, the agreement may not be able to effectively sustain climate change.

Furthermore, one fear is that when the US pulls out of the deal, that other countries will follow. However, The only country that can really be affected here would be Russia — who has not yet ratified the past agreements and may now choose not to do so.

Th majority of countries who have signed, have signed out of national interest. For example China has signed due to air pollution domestically, and because they want to have a comparative economic advantage in the emerging renewable energy markets of the 21st century,


2nd June Donald Trump_ Could the US exit from the Paris climate deal actually be a win for the environment_ – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


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